Keysight E3649A Power Supply

Agilent E3649A MATLAB instrument driver
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更新 2016/9/1


MATLAB supports Agilent/Keysight instruments including power supplies through the Instrument Control Toolbox. This is a MATLAB instrument driver for use with Instrument Control Toolbox v2.0 and higher. It supports the Agilent E3649A power supply.
It is a standalone MATLAB instrument driver that does not require any additional instrument drivers to operate.
For additional information on MATLAB instrument drivers, visit the Instrument Control Toolbox product page:

For additional information on using MATLAB with Agilent/Keysight instruments, visit:

NOTE: Some browsers may render the driver file rather than saving the file to disk. If this occurs, select "Save As..." from the File menu of your browser to save the driver data to a local file.

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作成: R2015b
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