One-Year Simulation in One Minute

Simulation of an Energy Storage System used on a power grid
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Demonstrate SimPowerSystems capabilities to simulate an electrical circuit and control system, in phasor mode, for a full-year period in less than one minute of simulation time. Illustrate concepts related to Energy Storage Systems (ESS). Show how to use public solar data time-series (TMY3 files) and how to create typical load profiles.
A simple scenario has been chosen to illustrate one usage of this example: The objective is to determine appropriate sizing (power & capacity) of an ESS equipment connected to a 600V community electrical system, in order to prevent the community from purchasing more power than agreed with the Utility company. Based on a given load profile, PV farm output, ESS power rating and capacity, the simulation will give the number of unavailability for a full year. This sizing study can be performed for various locations around the US.
The authors are Pierre Giroux, Gilbert Sybille, Jacques Brochu, and Patrice Brunelle, from IREQ, Hydro-Quebec research institute, with the collaboration of Mathworks.


Patrice Brunelle (2024). One-Year Simulation in One Minute (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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I added the Build_LoadProfile_Datasets.m MATLAB script to assist the users in creating additional load profiles.

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