Simulink Support Package for Apple iOS Devices

Run models on Apple iOS devices.

ダウンロード: 7.6K

更新 2023/3/15


This support package is currently unable to download third-party software for MATLAB R2017a and earlier versions. For details and workaround, see this Bug Report.

MATLAB R2017b and later versions are unaffected.

Note: The Simulink Support package for Apple iOS Devices will be deprecated from MATLAB R2023b, and the final release that includes this support package will be R2023a.
Simulink® Support Package for Apple iOS Devices enables you to create and run Simulink models on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The support package includes a library of Simulink blocks for:
• Sensors
• Audio capture and playback
• Camera input and video display
• UI widgets
• Network interface
Supported iOS version:
An Apple iOS device with iOS version less than or equal to 11.2.
Supported Xcode version:
An Xcode version of less than or equal to 10 is required on Mac machine.
This support package is functional for R2015a and beyond.
MATLAB リリースの互換性
作成: R2015a
R2015a 以降 R2023a 以前と互換性あり
Windows macOS (Apple silicon) macOS (Intel) Linux

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