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Segment images interactively, and generate MATLAB code

バージョン 1.7 (699 KB) 作成者: Brett Shoelson
An interactive app and function for segmenting images.

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更新 2020/11/11


Interactive UI for segmenting images. Explore different approaches, then export segmentation mask and reproduction code.
Supports all tunable parameters for EDGE detection, THRESHOLDING (including MULTITHRESH/IMQUANTIZE), HOUGH (line and circle detection), regional and extended minima and maxima, and COLOR thresholding.
PLEASE NOTE: From R2014b forward, this is intended as a REPLACEMENT for SegmentTool. This version will not work prior to R2014b, but SegmentTool will not work in R2014b.

Comments, suggestions appreciated!


Brett Shoelson (2022). Segment images interactively, and generate MATLAB code (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2014b
Windows macOS Linux

ヒントを得たファイル: SegmentTool: An Interactive GUI for Segmenting Images

ヒントを与えたファイル: imageToolbar

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