Gridfigure - figures automatically appear aligned

Makes figure windows automatically appear organized in grid style.

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Running Gridfigure lets figure windows automatically appear organized in grid style, without any commands.
Gridfigure also provides a command to batch resize and organize figures in grid style, with full support of multiscreens.
### Automatic Alignment
After installation, by executing the code below, automatic alignment becomes effective:
set(0,'defaultfigurecreatefcn',@(varargin) gfigure('tail','nofocus',varargin{1}));
Writing this code in startup.m will improve convenience. (see for details on startup.m)
The above code alters the 'defaultfigurecreatefcn' property of 'figure'. Note that this feature is currently (1.16.2015) undocumented in MATLAB.

### Manual alignment:
Manual alignment is also possible:
gfigure -> Align all visible figures in grid style
gfigure 1:5 -> Align specified figures in grid style
gfigure 400 300 -> Resize figure to 400x300 and align (setting is remembered)
gfigure disp 2 -> (-d) Show on second display (setting is remembered)
gfigure row -> (-r) Align row-wise ('col' or '-s' for column-wise. setting is remembered)
gfigure nofocus -> (-n) Don't give focus and only align
gfigure tail -> (-t) Move figures to end
gfigure size 400 300 -> (-s) Explicitly specify figure size
Composite Calls are also possible:
gfigure 400 300 row 1:5 disp 2
gfigure 1 400 300 row -> Ambiguous call. gfigure guesses min(1,300) is the figure handle
gfigure('disp',[3 1 2],400,300,[1 3 5 7 9])

### Installation
1. Save ./gridfigure in an arbitrary directory.
2. Open MATLAB and execute "pathtool"
3. Choose the "Add with Subfolders..." button,
then choose the gridfigure directory you have added,
then choose "OK", and then "Save".


Hikaru Ikuta (2023). Gridfigure - figures automatically appear aligned (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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作成: R2013b
Windows macOS Linux
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