Files Associated with the Video "Creating a Simulink Block Using MATLAB Code"

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The files in this submission are used in the video "Creating a Simulink Block Using MATLAB Code"

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This contains the following files:
README.txt - a text file that explains how to get the C++ driver code that will be used in the MATLAB class and where to put it
TouchSensor.m - a MATLAB class derived from the matlab.System and coder.ExternalDependency classes
touchSensor_wrapper.cpp - a C wrapper file for a C++ driver
touchSensor_wrapper.h - a header file that defines the prototypes for the C wrapper functions
TouchSensor.png - an image used on the mask of the Simulink Block created using the MATLAB class
getTouchSensorRootPath.m - a MATLAB function that will return the location to which this folder is extracted
Creating a Simulink Block Guide.pdf - a document that explains the steps used to create a Simulink block from the MATLAB class and C/C++ code
While the example used required Embedded Coder and many other products, the process can be used with only MATLAB and Simulink installed.


MathWorks Student Competitions Team (2022). Files Associated with the Video "Creating a Simulink Block Using MATLAB Code" (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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