Growth - Yet another Obfuscated MATLAB code

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Obfuscated MATLAB code where the source looks like its output, with a functional programming demo.

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This is an obfuscated piece of MATLAB code, where the source text is made to look like its output figure.
This program also demonstrates several techniques for functional programming in MATLAB using anonymous functions. This code runs only by executing a single anonymous function, without touching the global workspace at all, and also without the help of external libraries.
When executed, this code outputs a figure of a forest, consisting of 9 trees. The number of trees to draw could be changed by changing the constant 9 in the end of the code.
In this code, the following features are implemented/used:

- recursion (and loops)
- conditionals (and lazy evaluation)
- local variables ('let' clause)
- execution of multiple statements

Technical details

- Recursion is implemented by using the Y combinator.
- Loops are implemented by tail recursion.
- Conditionals are implemented by evaluating a function chosen from a list,
where the index number is given by a formula consisting of relational operators.
- Lazy evaluation is performed by wrapping an expression with @()
and then applying feval at a desired timing.
- Local variables are implemented by passing constants to a function through its arguments.

Functional Programming in MATLAB is also introduced in:
Introduction to Functional Programming with Anonymous Functions, Part 1


Hikaru Ikuta (2023). Growth - Yet another Obfuscated MATLAB code (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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12.3.2014 - updated screenshot

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