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Antarctic Mapping Tools

version 5.16 (30.7 MB) by Chad Greene
A toolbox for analysis and display of Antarctica-related data


Updated 20 Jun 2019

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Click on the Examples Tab ^^^ for detailed descriptions of AMT functions.

This toolbox is for importing, analyzing, and displaying Antarctica-related data. AMT is designed to provide a standard framework to allow easy pairing of multiple different types of data sets (surface elevation, ice velocity, grounding line, etc). For a quick overview, check the Examples tab on this page and click "AMT Getting Started". To find data-specific plugins for this toolbox, search the File Exchange site for "AMT".

Note to users: AMT was originally written to be used with Matlab's Mapping Toolbox. However, Matlab's Mapping Toolbox is sometimes inefficient and difficult to work with. And depending on Matlab's Mapping Toolbox makes it harder to share codes. So I've been moving more toward plotting mostly in polar stereographic meters. There is a suite of functions ending in "ps" that make this easy.

If AMT is useful for you, please cite our paper!

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Greene, Chad A., et al. “Antarctic Mapping Tools for Matlab.” Computers {\&} Geosciences, vol. 104, Elsevier {BV}, July 2017, pp. 151–157, doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2016.08.003.

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Comments and Ratings (17)

Fox Lake

Chad Greene

@CG: The narginchk function was introduced in Matlab version 2011b, so I'm guessing you are using an older version of Matlab. It's just an error checking function that you can always delete from any of my functions whenever you run into this error.

li teng


Very useful tool. Thanks a lot.


Can someone help me get started using this? I have tried to follow the examples described in the Examples tab, but I can't seem to get past, this error,

>> scarloc 'taylor dome'
??? Undefined function or method 'narginchk' for input arguments of type 'double'.

Error in ==> scarloc at 119

This is just brilliant and so useful for any Antarctic researcher. Thanks so much

li teng

Qi Liang

Chad Greene

Hi Alexey, Your question could be interpreted a number of different ways, so it's hard to understand exactly what you are asking. Feel free to email me directly, describe what you want to do, and include some example data if it's relevant.


Thanks a lot, really a nice tool, but it's not clear if I can use it.
I need a plot in lon and lat coordinates, but all functions in this package show data in stereographic coordinates. Is is possible to show longitude and latitudes, as in Matlab?

Wei Wei

Thanks Chad!

Marc Rovira

li teng

Thank you very much

Marvelous tour de force, this is so comprehensive it is kind of staggering. Great work, Chad, thanks!



Added Live Scripts


Documentation edits and added base2freeboard function.

Added a new geoquadps function. Also started support for changing the meridian longitude in plotting functions.

Just a few documentation updates.

Added a new function quiverps.

fixed a broken hyperlink.

typo fix.

Description update.

Added inset_unproj for creating inset maps in unprojected coordinates.

added freeboard to thickness conversions and updated some documentation.

Documentation updates for AMT Getting Started and List of Functions.

Rewrote the "AMT Getting Started" page and added the new circlesps function. Also, in previous versions plotps, pcolorps, etc all ended with "axis equal", but that has now been changed to setting aspect ratio via daspect.

Updated only the description on this page.

Added pspath and pathdistps.

Added mapzoomps function. Also incremented numbering scheme to version 5.00--No major changes with this update, but I'm trying to jump past confusion with previous numbering.

Fixed a bug where graticuleps was resetting axis limits. Also updated the List of Functions to include some new plugins.

file upload error in previous attempt.

Added surfps, plot3ps, scalebarps, coord, and clickz functions. Thanks to Tom Richter for suggesting inclusion of surfps and plot3ps.

mapzoom now allows center location in polar stereographic coordinates.

Added inpsquad function.

Added uv2vxvy and vxvy2uv functions.

Added psgrid function and islatlon. Updated names in SCAR database to be less like "Vostok, Lake" and more like "Lake Vostok".

Added scatterps, contourps, textps, graticuleps. Added support for polar stereographic kilometers. Added several documentation files and examples.

Addition of crossovers function.

Addition of crossovers function.

Inclusion of plotps, pcolorps, and patchps for creating polar stereographic maps without Matlab's Mapping Toolbox.

V3: Addition of shadem function, which creates shaded relief (hillshade) images. Addition of find2drange function, which plugin functions will use to clip data to a region of interest. Improved documentation for scarlabel and scarclick functions.

A few minutes ago I uploaded a version in which the default units in the pathdist function were kilometers. Now the default units are meters.

Updated SCAR Gazetteer database and added scarclick function, which allows users to click on a map to get names of features. Updated some documentation.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2012b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: plotboxpos, polar stereographic coordinate transformation (map to lat/lon), calcticks, Fast and Robust Curve Intersections, cmocean perceptually-uniform colormaps, circlem, pathdist, scalebar for maps, inpaint_nans, quivermc, polar stereographic coordinate transformation (lat/lon to map), ncquiverref, shadem, clickz, ncpolarm, circle plotter

Inspired: Antarctic geoid conversions, How to drape Landsat images over Bedmap2 topography, CryoSat-2 DEMs, REMA Reference Elevation Map of Antarctica, bedhead, matrasterlib, Bamber et al. Antarctic DEM, Antarctic Ice Sheet basal properties, ALBMAP , DTU Mean Dynamic Topography, Antarctic boundaries, grounding line, and masks from InSAR, Arctic Mapping Tools, Antarctic Active Subglacial Lake Inventory from ICESat Altimetry, Antarctic accumulation, ITS_LIVE Antarctic ice velocity data, Daily Antarctic sea ice concentration, BedMachine, Antarctic flight planning tools, Antarctic Gravity Data, Ice thickness and freeboard conversions, Ice shelf tidal flexure interpolator, SODB Southern Ocean Database Toolbox, Antarctic Gravimetric Mass Balance (Groh & Horwath), ICPcampaign, Antarctic basal geothermal heat flux, landsat, RAMP Radarsat Antarctic Mapping Project, RTopo-2, Grounding Line Migration from Konrad et al., 2018, Ice flowlines, How to estimate subglacial water routes, Plot Antarctic Circumpolar Current Fronts, Bedmap2 Toolbox for Matlab, ICESat reference tracks & Antarctic grounding zone structure, MODIS Mosaic of Antarctica, MEaSUREs, Antarctic Drainage Basins, ASAID grounding lines, geotiffinterp, CPOM Antarctic surface elevation change, Arctic Sea Ice, LIMA Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica, grainsize_interp, Glaciology Fake Book