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Displays graphical and mathematical information about 3D line curves, parametrized w.r.t time.

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更新 2014/5/23


This is a tool I made to help me out with my Vector Calculus homework.
Some useful features:

- You can toggle To-Scale viewing in the bottom right portion of the program; this shows the curve according to real aspect ratios.
- Toggle position r(t), velocity r'(t), acceleration r''(t), as well as the tangent T(t), normal N(t), and binormal B(t) vectors simply by pressing the labels.
- View the exact answers of evaluations by toggling the Exact-Values in the bottom right.
- Play the motion of the particle at a specified rate in the bottom right.
- Rotate, zoom, and toggle grid using the plot toolbar at the top of the program.
- Calculate the Line Integral along the curve, either of a Vector Field type, or a Scalar Function.
- Find the length of the curve, as well as the distance travelled from the start time.

Most of the controls are self-explanatory, but if you need extra help, simply hover your mouse cursor over a control, a help string will pop-up.


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作成: R2013a
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