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Radial Basis Function with K Mean Clustering

version 1.11 (156 KB) by Shujaat Khan
In this submission, I implemented radial basis functions (RBF) neural network with K-means clustering and Pseudo inverse method.


Updated 21 Sep 2019

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The program is the implementation of Radial Basis Function for classification task Using K-Mean Clustering
Two example are given check one at a time

Solution of K*W=T using Pseudo Inverse technique
Multiply K' on Both sides to get K'*K*W=K'*T
Multiply with the inverse of (K'*K) on Both sides to get W=inv(K'*K)*K'*T

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Shujaat Khan (2021). Radial Basis Function with K Mean Clustering (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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miao James


Very useful

Shujaat Khan

sorry for very late response. Now, I set this submission on my watch list. So, you can expect reply in short time.


irul dzi

sir,,,whether it's the same with Moving K-Means?

shashi D

Thanks for a very good submission for classification in MATLAB. Kindly send the published paper for the same. It will be very helpful in understanding the implementation.

Shujaat Khan

Thank you anisha


Awesome...very helpful

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K-mean Clustering and RBF _V_1.0