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MolecUlar CommunicatIoN (MUCIN) Simulator

version (24.1 KB) by H. Birkan
Simulator for ISI Mitigation in Molecular Communication via Diffusion with an Absorbing Receiver


Updated 12 May 2016

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Diffusion based molecular communication is an energy efficient paradigm that can interconnect nanomachines. The research activities on Molecular Communication via Diffusion (MCvD) heavily depend on simulations to verify the proposed methods. The existing simulation tools can not be directly used for MCvD systems since diffusion channel has different characteristics compared to classical communication channels. Therefore, an end-to-end MolecUlar CommunicatIoN (MUCIN) Simulator for MCvD systems that supports 1-D to 3-D environments, sending consecutive symbols, receptor reaction probability, extendable modulation and filtering modules is developed.
For Fast simulation enhancement refer to the following paper
- H. B. Yilmaz, A. C. Heren, T. Tugcu, and C.-B. Chae, “Three-Dimensional Channel Characteristics for Molecular Communications With an Absorbing Receiver,” IEEE Communications Letters, vol. 18, iss. 6, pp. 929 - 932.

For Modulations you may refer to the following papers
- Kuran, M. S., H. B. Yilmaz, T. Tugcu, and I. F. Akyildiz. "Modulation techniques for communication via diffusion in nanonetworks." In Communications (ICC), 2011 IEEE International Conference on, pp. 1-5. IEEE, 2011.
- Yilmaz, H. B., and C.-B. Chae. "Simulation study of molecular communication systems with an absorbing receiver: Modulation and ISI mitigation techniques." Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory 49 (2014): 136-150.
- Kim, N.-R., and C.-B. Chae. "Novel modulation techniques using isomers as messenger molecules for nano communication networks via diffusion." IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 31, no. 12 (2013): 847-856.

For the new researchers you may start with the following survey paper
- N. Farsad, H. B. Yilmaz, A. W. Eckford, C.-B. Chae, and W. Guo, “A comprehensive survey of recent advancements in molecular communication,” ArXiv:1410.4258; (accepted to IEEE Surveys and Tutorials)

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Revised the description

Bug in the file <CORE_sim_diffusion_3d_P2S_FAST.m> is fixed.
Thanks to Martin Damrath.

function [ res_p_window ] = eval_phit_window()

multiplier for 3D environment was missing, it is fixed.

- Uploaded the correct file :)
- Added multiple types of molecule emission and BMoSK modulation support
- Renamed all CORE functions
- Added new EXAMPLES for guidance

- Added multiple types of molecule emission and BMoSK modulation support
- Renamed all CORE functions
- Added new EXAMPLES for guidance

Renamed the Simulator

Copyright claims are changed

shorter description is replaced with the current version

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