Three variables multilevel design of experiment

バージョン (402 KB) 作成者: Ivan Brezani
Custom DoE for evaluating effect of 3 variables in 41 runs. Including visualization in 4D space.

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更新 2014/3/11


This graphical user interface was designed as a tool for evaluation of custom design of experiment. This design uses 3D grid of 41 experiments. Variables must be numerical - with minimum and maximum value to be used in the test. After entering the values of response variable it can be used to evaluate effect of three variables using N-way ANOVA. Implemented approximation/extrapolation routines can be used to graphically display data using one of three supported (4D) graphs.


Ivan Brezani (2022). Three variables multilevel design of experiment (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2013a
Windows macOS Linux

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