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MSH (fluent mesh) reader

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This function loads a fluent mesh (*.msh file) into an matlab struct.


Updated 15 Nov 2013

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mshread loads a Fluent mesh file (*.msh).

USAGE: (Loading files)
[ msh_file_contents ] = mshread( file )
[ msh_file_contents ] = mshread( directory ); % asks for file

OPTIONAL - show loading progress
[ msh_file_contents ] = mshread( filelocation , 1);
[ msh_file_contents ] = mshread( '' , 1);

msh_file_contents is a struct containing the vertices and the different faces from your mesh file

See help mshread

Suggestion or question, please let me know via email!

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Wouter (2021). MSH (fluent mesh) reader (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Muzammil Ali

Ander Biguri

fatima Ali

i alos have the same problem and need to convert it asap :(



I have a .msh file and I tried to use mshread.m to read my mesh but something goes wrong and it gives me "abort" message. I tried to understand the problem, it seems that in the code line74 you have put an if condition ( if niter>10, error('abort'); end ) which I cannot understand why. I tried to comment this condition and ran the code again but other error came up. Maybe if I could send my .msh file someone could help me with it. Is there any way to send my mesh file?


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Created with R2013a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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