Custom colormap

Create custom colormaps from single or multiple RGB values.
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CMAP creates a custom colormap based on RGB values in the MATLAB format(values between 0-1). By specifying a base color, for example green: [0 1 0], CMAP creates a colormap with a specified number of colors around this value, and omits the darkest/lightest colors based on user input. Combine several CMAP calls to create multi-color maps as the example image shows.

- Base color
- Number of colors in the colormap (optional)
- Percentage cut of darkest colors (optional)
- Percentage cut of lightest colors (optional)

By downloading RGB triple of color name, version 2 (File ID: #24497), by Kristjan Jonasson, CMAP input may be specified as color names ('seagreen', 'darkred', etc.)

figure; pcolor([0:20;0:20]); cmap([0 1 0],10,20,5); colorbar
This gives a colormap in green tones, with 10 colors. 20% of the darkest colors and 5% of the lightest colors have been cut.

The attached sample figure (global mean sea surface temperature in July) was plotted using:


Erik Kvaleberg (2024). Custom colormap (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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