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Optical flow using the Proesmans method

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Optical flow calculation using the gradient-based method devised by Marc Proesmans.
Look at the beginning of the cpp file for instructions on how to compile and call the proesmans function from MATLAB.

The algorithm is described and used in a couple of journal papers, look in the cpp file to find out more.

Incidentally, this also works as a good example on how to call c and cpp files from MATLAB.

Note that this has been tested mostly with Microsoft Visual C++ compilers, it's not guaranteed to work with other compilers.


Giampiero Campa (2022). proesmans (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

Mammarella, M., Campa, G., Fravolini, M. L., and Napolitano, M. R., "Comparing Optical Flow Algorithms Using 6-DOF Motion of Real-World Rigid Objects"; IEEE Transaction on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics-Part C: Applications and Reviews, Vol 42, No. 6, Nov. 2012, 1752-1762

McCane, B., Novins, K., Crannitch, D., and Galvin, B. (2001) "On Benchmarking Optical Flow", Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 84(1), 126-143.

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