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MatLab tool for exporting data to PowerPoint 2007+ files without using COM-objects automation

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exportToPPTX allows user to create PowerPoint 2007+ (PPTX) files without using COM-objects automation (or PowerPoint application itself). Proper XML files are created and packaged into PPTX file that can be read and displayed by PowerPoint.
Basic command syntax:
pptx = exportToPPTX();
List of available commands:
* pptx = exportToPPTX(...)
* pptx = exportToPPTX(file)
* pptx.save(file)
* pptx.addSlide(...)
* pptx.switchSlide(slideID)
* pptx.addPicture(h,...)
* pptx.addTextbox(txt,...)
* pptx.addNote(txt,...)
* pptx.addShape(x,y,...)
* pptx.addTable(tbl,...)
More elaborate examples are included in examples_exportToPPTX.m and examples2_exportToPPTX.m files.
Up-to-date version, a more detailed help, bugs/issues tracking can all be found here: https://github.com/stefslon/exportToPPTX


Stefan Slonevskiy (2022). exportToPPTX (https://github.com/stefslon/exportToPPTX), GitHub. 取得済み .

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作成: R2015a
Windows macOS Linux

ヒントを与えたファイル: Model Review Tool, jrichter24/toPPT, tfigure

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この GitHub アドオンでの問題を表示または報告するには、GitHub リポジトリにアクセスしてください。