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Trapezoidal Integration

version (1.21 KB) by Aravazhi Anbarasu
Simple and intuitive numerical integration based on trapezoidal rule.


Updated 15 Jan 2013

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Y = int_trapz(X,Ts,~InitCond)
X = Input data
Ts = Sampling Time/Integration Time
InitCond = Optional argument, Else X(1)taken as initial condition.

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Aravazhi Anbarasu (2021). Trapezoidal Integration (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Bhargava Reddy

Aravazhi Anbarasu

Its more intuitive and allows initial conditons.Its more similar to using cumtrapz.Limits are it doesnt allow non-uniform sampling.


Do you claim any improvements over Matlab's built-in trapz function? If not, why bother?

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Created with R2010b
Compatible with any release
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Inspired: Numerical Methods

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