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Blackjack 5.1 is a basic 6 deck blackjack game (no splitting).

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更新 2005/7/11


"Blackjack 5.1" is a BlackJack card game for MATLAB. This is a very basic (head-on) Blackjack game with six decks of cards. You cannot split pairs (maybe in the future) in this game, but you can double up and make insurance bets.

You can check the current running and true card count (balanced counting system) in the chip selection dialg to see when it is time to bet high or low.


This game requires the Playing Cards Toolbox FileId: 7963.

Next version will probably enable the player to split. Any feedback about this game is very welcome.

Developed in Matlab 5.1.
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Rasmus Anthin (2022). blackjack.m (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R10
Windows macOS Linux

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