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MATLAB Plot Gallery - Animation

Create an animated GIF


Updated 19 Dec 2018

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This is an example of how to create animations and animated GIFs in MATLAB®. In this example, we will animate the motion of a double-pendulum. We solve the ordinary differential equation using "ode45".
Read about the "getframe" and "imwrite" functions in the MATLAB documentation.
For more examples, go to MATLAB Plot Gallery -

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In Matlab 2020a it doesn't work.
Solved by changing line 59 with:
% Preallocate data (for storing frame data)
mov = zeros(height*2, width*2, 1, length(T), 'uint8');

Neha Jain

I liked the animation in the form of a gif. I intend to use this in my web site :). Thank you


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Updated screenshot.

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