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Prandtl-Meyer expansion wave solver

version (8.41 KB) by Ivan
Numerical solution of a Prandtl-Meyer expansion wave flow field based on Anderson's CFD book


Updated 15 Feb 2012

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This program solves the Prandtl-Meyer expansion wave problem by using the MacCormack's predictor-corrector technique, as described in the book "Computational fluid dynamics: the basics with applications" from J.D.Anderson. As a result, this code might be useful for those trying to solve the problem, but also for anyone who is interested in supersonic aerodynamics.

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Ivan (2021). Prandtl-Meyer expansion wave solver (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Nauman Idrees

do you have a code for same method for flow on a wedge to solve for the oblique shock

Bishal Singha


David Vallverdu

Brutal, pero falta joystick.

Cristen Frauzeb

Cristen Frauzeb

Great improvement of MacCornack's technique, very useful and comprehensible. Great job! (Specially the Bisekja part)

Cristen Frauzeb

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