Three-Phase AC-DC-AC PWM Converter

SimPowerSystems model of a three-phase PWM VSC-based power supply.
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更新 2012/9/28


A 50 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz load is connected to a 25 kV, 60 Hz grid through a AC-DC-AC power supply. This power supply consists of two voltage source converters, VSC1 and VSC2, connected through a DC link.

VSC1 connected on 60Hz grid is operating as a rectifier. It regulates the DC link voltage at 680 V and keeps unity power factor on AC grid. The PWM chopping frequency is 1980 Hz.

VSC2 connected on 50 Hz load is operating as an inverter. It generates a 50 Hz frequency and regulates load voltage at 380 Vrms. The PWM chopping frequency is 2000 Hz.

The electrical circuit is discretized at 2 microseconds. The sampling time of the VSC1 and VSC2 control systems is 100 microseconds.

Authors: Gilbert Sybille & Pierre Giroux, Hydro-Québec (IREQ)


Patrice Brunelle (2024). Three-Phase AC-DC-AC PWM Converter (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2011b
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バージョン 公開済み リリース ノート

Fixed a comment in the model.

Fixed VSC2 control: Uref and modulation index now computed as in VSC1 Control.
Transformer voltage ratio, DC bus voltage and size of capacitor bank have been changed so that modulation indexes of VSC1 and VSC2 stay close to 1.

I added a preview image of the model.