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Kinect, OpenNI wrapper, NITE PointViewer example, Hand Tracking, IR & Depth, matlab interface
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This zip-file provides a matlab interface for the NITE PointViewer example, with some c++ wrapper functions written for the Microfost Kinect, OpenNI and NITE library.

The work is based on Dirk-Jan Kroon's contribution(, description of modifications of related files are:

PointDrawer.h -- from NITE PointViewer example, functions to draw by glut are deleted.
mxNiCreateContext.cpp -- add session manager, flow control, point control, callbacks for session manager, code from NITE PointViewer example
mxNiDeleteContext.cpp -- unchange
mxNiDepth.cpp -- the index of pointer is updated
mxNiInfrared.cpp -- the index of pointer is updated
mxNiUpdateContext.cpp -- add update of session manager
mxNiHandPosition.cpp -- created, motivated by Dirk-Jan Kroon's work

the detail of the usage of each fucntion can be found in cooresponding .m file.

Since I use another camera which is similiar to Kinect except that it has no RGB sensor, there's no 'image' node in my xml file. you can modify it if you are interested, and make use of functions provided by Dirk-Jan Kroon.

./ExampleHand.m -- script for testing the PointViewer example.

The code is tested on:
Windows XP professional 32bit
matlab R2009a
compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1
Sensor Driver

You need to firstly run compile_cpp_files.m to compile .cpp to mex files, check the OpenNI and NITE paths if there are errors.

when you successfully get all mex files, run ExampleHand.m to test.

Specifical thanks to Dirk-Jan Kroon for his code.

University of Macau, Macau SAR, China


HONGMIN ZHU (2024). Kinect_NITE_PointViewer_matlab (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

MATLAB リリースの互換性
作成: R2009a
Windows macOS Linux

ヒントを得たファイル: Kinect Matlab

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