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Annoy and confound fellow MATLAB users.

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更新 2011/3/31


Slowly drive MATLAB users insane by doing something annoying at random intervals. Customize to deploy your own personal brand of evil.

A few ideas:
>> beep on, beep % make noise
>> disp('Why?'), why % display nonsense
>> disp(datestr(now)) % display date and time
>> calendar % display calendar
>> figure % open a figure
>> fprintf('\n') % insert blank line
>> fprintf('>') % growing prompt
>> disp('<<') % reverse prompt
>> disp('>>>') % triple prompt
>> fprintf(2, '>>\n'); % prompt in error message color
>> exit % exit Matlab (truly, truly evil)

To run this function automatically when Matlab starts, call annoyatron() from startup.m. See 'startup' in Matlab's help for more info.

Inspired by the Annoy-a-tron.


Steve Hoelzer (2022). Annoy-a-tron (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2010a
Windows macOS Linux
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