Demo files from Image Processing Webinar

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This package contains demos that were used during an Image Processing webinar
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This package contains demos that were used during a webinar on Image Processing. An archived version of the webinar itself can be found on our web site.
These demos illustrate how you can use MATLAB and the Image Processing Toolbox to solve image related problems in engineering and science. For example:
* Determine size distribution of detected objects using morphological enhancement and intensity segmentation
* Analyze shape of touching objects from topographic data using watershed segmentation and morphological operations
* Isolate cancer cell using edge enhancement and morphological operations
* Restore fuzzy, noisy image using enhancement and deblurring techniques such as Lucy-Richardson method
* Align aerial photographs using control point registration and spatial transforms
* Extract 2D slices from 3D MRI data using simple indexing and spatial transforms

These demos were written for MATLAB 6.1 and Image Processing Toolbox 3.1. They have also been tested and work with MATLAB 6.5 and Image Processing Toolbox 3.2. However, due to changes in some of the example images that ship with the Image Processing Toolbox, I cannot gaurantee that these demos will continue to work with future versions.


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Updated ZIP file. Added MAT file used by demo #5, the aerial photo registration example. The MAT file contains predefined control points.