Measure radio frequency power using MATLAB and an RF power meter

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MATLAB example to make RF Power measurements using an Agilent RF Power Meter
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MATLAB is a software environment and programming language with over 1,000,000 users. MATLAB extends the functionality of Agilent instruments by enabling you to make application-specific and/or automated measurements and tests.
This example shows you how you can use MATLAB to control an Agilent RF Power Meter, make measurements, and retrieve the data into MATLAB and calculate a mean value of the measurements. The user can customize the code to set the IP address of their RF Power Meter, set the channel measurement offsets, etc. For more information on the SCPI commands used to control the instrument, refer to your instrument's programmer's guide.

To execute this example, type ‘[channelCPower, channelDPower] = readPowerMeter()’ in the MATLAB command window. Note: Change the IP address in the readPowerMeter.m file to the IP address of the instrument.

This MATLAB example has been tested using a Agilent N1914A RF Power Meter.

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