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An easy to use class to download, display, and plot stock information from Yahoo finance.
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更新 2014/12/6


Use this simple, self-contained class definition to obtain quotes and historical data from Yahoo finance.
f = stock('f','5y','d);

creates a stock object with a current quote and five year history of daily data for the stock symbol 'f' (Ford Motor Company).


charts the historical data. The default disp(f) method returns current quote information.


Ford Motor Compan (NYSE:F)
Last Trade: 16.28 (4:01pm 11/19/2010)
Daily Change: 0.16 (0.99%)
Prev. Close: 16.12
Day Open: 16.02
Day Range: 15.83 - 16.38
52wk Range: 8.40 - 17.42
P/E 8.53
Dividend Yield N/A

Daily Price History: 21-Nov-2005 to 19-Nov-2010
Volatility: 60.40% (annualized)
Mean Log Return: 14.09% (annualized)

Additional properties and methods provide access to wide range of data for the selected stock. The individual objects may be stored in structure arrays to track investment portfolios.


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Update to the new Matlab Toolbox format.

Added a more informative disp method, and additional properties.