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vlookup - similar to MS Excel function

version (1.57 KB) by Zhiqiang Zhang
A matrix version of VLOOKUP similar to MS Excel function.


Updated 02 Nov 2010

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VLOOKUP the function as vlookup in Excel

[content, index] = vlookup(m, e, column, lookcolumn) look for 'e' in the 'lookcolumn'-th column of 'm', and return the coresponding 'column'-th element of 'm' in the same row.

the 'm' could be a numeric matrix of a cell matrix.

lookcolumn is 1 by default if omitted.


m = {1, 'a', [2 3];
2, 'b', 'cd'
3, 'a', true;};
[content, index] = vlookup(m, 'a', 3, 2) then
content = {[2 3], 1};
index = [1;3]


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Zhiqiang Zhang (2022). vlookup - similar to MS Excel function (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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