Custom Internet Search Bar for MATLAB

バージョン (7.16 KB) 作成者: Husam Aldahiyat
Quickly access websites and search through them.

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更新 2010/3/15


Twenty pre-set websites are provided, but it is very easy to edit any of them to add a website of your own.

Calling one of the mfiles with an argument opens your web browser and searches the website specified by the function call using your input argument.


google Custom Internet Search Bar for MATLAB
youtube The Lonely Shepherd
walpha opamp
urband MATLAB
thesaurus big
pic i can haz funny
newgrounds tarboy
metacritic avatar
lyrics ether nas
imdb memento
gmail important meeting
gamefaqs river raid
flickr rose
FEX filter design
facebook john doe
ebay hdtv
dictionary matlab
cssm perms
amazon undercover philosopher


Husam Aldahiyat (2022). Custom Internet Search Bar for MATLAB (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2008b
Windows macOS Linux

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