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Saves the current figure with user specified resolution as an image file or pdf file.

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Updated 08 Jan 2013

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Easy to use function. Let's you save the CURRENT FIGURE as an image file or pdf file. A pop-up dialog prompts user where to save the image and what image compression to use. Default dpi is 300 (print quality). User can specify any dpi. The user can also specify whether to use the default image size or the current figure size on the screen.

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John Ramshur (2020). fig2img (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Sorry for any confusion. Simply click on you figure then run the fig2img function from the command line. Below are some example usages.

Example 1: Use "fig2img" to save figure to image file using 300dpi.

Example 2: Use "fig2img(600,1)" to save figure at 600 dpi using the current figure size/dimensions.




I could not understand how to use this code which would be really helpful for me :)


Updated comments.

1. Fixed error found in how the function extracts the user selected image compressing setting.
2. Added more comments.
3. Added option to save as PDF.

I previously uploaded the .asm file and not the .m file. I also changed the usage details some. No changes were made to the code.

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Created with R2008b
Compatible with any release
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Inspired by: Exportfig

Inspired: fig2img