MESH2D: Delaunay-based unstructured mesh-generation

Generate unstructured meshes for general two-dimensional geometries.

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更新 2021/3/27

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MESH2D is a MATLAB-based Delaunay mesh-generator for two-dimensional geometries. It is designed to generate high-quality constrained Delaunay triangulations for general polygonal regions in the plane. MESH2D provides simple and yet effective implementations of "Delaunay-refinement" and "Frontal-Delaunay" triangulation techniques, in additional to "hill-climbing" type mesh-optimisation. Support for user-defined "mesh-spacing" functions and "multi-part" geometry definitions are provided, allowing varying levels of mesh-resolution to be specified within complex domains. Algorithms implemented in MESH2D are "provably-good" - ensuring convergence, geometrical and topological correctness, and providing guarantees on algorithm termination and worst-case element quality bounds. MESH2D typically generates very high-quality output, appropriate for a variety of finite-volume/element type applications.

See TRIDEMO to get started with a set of example problems:

tridemo(0); % a very simple example to get everything started.
tridemo(1); % investigate the impact of the "radius-edge" threshold.
tridemo(2); % Frontal-Delaunay vs. Delaunay-refinement algorithms.
tridemo(3); % explore impact of user-defined mesh-size constraints.
tridemo(4); % explore impact of "hill-climbing" mesh optimisations.
tridemo(5); % assemble triangulations for "multi-part" geometries.
tridemo(6); % assemble triangulations with "internal" constraints.
tridemo(7); % investigate the use of "quadtree"-type refinement.
tridemo(8); % explore use of custom, user-defined mesh-size functions.
tridemo(9); % larger-scale problem, mesh refinement + optimisation.
tridemo(10); % medium-scale problem, mesh refinement + optimisation.

Additional information and references are available via the GitHub repository:

MESH2D is a simplified version of my three-dimensional mesh-generation algorithm JIGSAW, providing an implementation of "provably-good" Delaunay-refinement and Frontal-Delaunay triangulation techniques. JIGSAW is available here:

MESH2D also makes use of my AABBTREE and FINDTRIA packages to compute efficient spatial queries and intersection tests. See and for details.


D. Engwirda, Locally-optimal Delaunay-refinement and optimisation-based mesh generation, Ph.D. Thesis, School of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Sydney,, 2014.

D. Engwirda, Unstructured mesh methods for the Navier-Stokes equations, Honours Thesis, School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, The University of Sydney, 2005.

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Website updates.

Updates to description/references.
Improved support for OCTAVE.

Updates to the underlying AABB-Tree package.

Updates to 3.0.2: added TRIDIV2, improved REFINE2 / SMOOTH2, new examples in TRIDEMO.

Update project title.

Major updates all-round for MESH2D - 3.0.0.

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