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Google Finance Historical Stock Data Downloader

バージョン (2.45 KB) 作成者: Alejandro Arrizabalaga
gathers historical stock information from Google Finance.

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更新 2018/3/18


This program gathers the historical stock information from the Google Finance website. The data is gathered in a struct containing the date, open, high, low, close and volumes for the stock. The frequency, start and end dates can be specified by the user.
The format of the output struct can also be specified by the user: standard, matlab financial time series or the format compatible with hist_stock_data.m by Josiah Renfree.


Alejandro Arrizabalaga (2022). Google Finance Historical Stock Data Downloader (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2008a
Windows macOS Linux

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