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Force each created line to obey the axes 'ColorOrder' property.

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*** NOTE: As of MATLAB® 7.0 (R14), this feature is available at the axes level by using the command "hold all". Use "doc hold" for more information. ***
When lines are created using MATLAB PLOT commands, they are created in a color order specified by the axes' 'ColorOrder' property. However, this only works if you plot multiple lines using the same call to PLOT. Otherwise, they are all created using a single default color.

This function will help you to force all lines within an axes to be plotted in the 'ColorOrder' of that axes, regardless of whether they are all created using the same PLOT command or multiple plot commands.

See "help createLineInColorOrder" for more information.

Works for at least MATLAB® 5.2 (R10) and later.


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