isodd: a pedestrian parity checker

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ISODD returns TRUE for integers of any numeric MATLAB class that are not evenly divisible by 2
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更新 2009/8/14


ISODD returns TRUE for members (N) of a numeric array, which
- are within the range of ±bitmax
- are integers such that N == fix(N)
- are integers not evenly divisible by 2

Unlike the typical computational approach using REM/MOD,
ISODD produces a not-valid flag for numbers, which are
1) not an integer
2) larger than the maximum possible double precision
integer representation (±bitmax)
and does never return their parity as being odd

REM/MOD, on the other hand, do not complain if an input
is not a valid candidate for being even or odd at all
and, therefore, are NOT reliable parity checkers

> help isodd
for usage and a brief example for this small utility


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作成: R2009a
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バージョン 公開済み リリース ノート

change in the help section; version tag 14-Aug-2009 20:35:23

any integer input now is typecast to double before testing; version tag 13-Aug-2009 23:18:39

user request: ND arrays now return the results encapsulated in cells; version tag 29-May-2009 21:36:47

help/example section reorganized; version tag 29-May-2009 15:03:56

changed the output TFODD to mark valid odd integers only; thus, the syntax vec(tfodd&tferr) now is simply vec(tfodd) for odd and vec(~tfodd&tferr) for even integers; version tag 28-May-2009 22:43:42

an annoying typo was corrected