MATLAB Programming Example for U2300A USB Modular Data Acquisition (DAQ) module’s Digital IO

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This program sets the USB DAQ module’s first 16 Digital IO ports to be digital inputs
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Models in the family that supports the data acquisition toolbox are the U2351A, U2352A, U2353A, U2354A, U2355A, U2356A, and the U2331A.

In order to use these devices with the MATLAB data acquisition toolbox software, you need to install MATLAB and Agilent software components and applications, connect the USB multifunction DAQ device, install the respective drivers, and verify the whole operation with the MATLAB installation program example. The file is titled, "Installation example – Using MATLAB software with the U2300A Series USB Data Acquisition Devices" and can be found in MATLAB Central too. Use this example as instructed in the installation guide called “Getting Started – MATLAB with Agilent DAQ Devices” that is also provided on MATLAB Central

This example requires the instrument’s respective IVI-COM instrument driver to be installed in order to operate. This driver can be downloaded for free at:

This example also requires VISA software to be installed in order to connect to the instrument using IVI-COM drivers. The software is included in the Agilent IO Libraries and is available for download at:

Useful MATLAB resources:
1. Summary sheet: Using MATLAB with Agilent Instruments
2. Overview of MATLAB:
3. Overview of MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox:
4. Overview of using MATLAB with Agilent Instruments:
5. For more MATLAB program examples and information:

For More Information
1. Receive a trial of MATLAB and MATLAB’s Data Acquisition Toolbox:
2. Learn more about using MATLAB software with Agilent U2300A Series devices:
3. Learn how to use Data Acquisition Toolbox to create MATLAB scripts by reading the user documentation for Data Acquisition Toolbox:
4. Learn how to use MATLAB software with other Agilent hardware:


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