cprintf: a pedestrian ND array formatting and display utility

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cprintf converts an ND array or ND cell array to a 2D character array and - optionally - a table

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更新 2009/6/11


- converts
an ND array of
- real and/or complex full numeric data
- real and/or complex sparse numeric data
- logical data
- char strings
- structures
- other objects
or an ND cell array of any combination of the above
to a 2D character array
- creates tables
- the input may be a cell array formatted as a table with
row/column labels and row/column separators
- any simple (ND) array can be formatted as a table using
any combination of
row/column labels and row/column separators

many options allow to format each aspect of the input and output

to better organize a project using CPRINTF
- options may be entered by an option structure
- options may be read from any ASCII file
- options may be saved in an executable m-file, which
returns an option structure

saving output
- the output may be saved in an ASCII file
- optionally, a file template may be used to insert the
result at a marked position
- tokens in a file template may be replaced by user defined
strings during runtime

CPRINTF may be a useful front end engine to create input for a spreadsheet program

> help cprintf
and the accompanying published M-file for more information and examples

> cphelp
to open the published M-file in a ML browser window

> cpdoc
to run the examples used in the published M-file


us (2023). cprintf: a pedestrian ND array formatting and display utility (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/23840-cprintf-a-pedestrian-nd-array-formatting-and-display-utility), MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2008b
Windows macOS Linux

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バージョン 公開済み リリース ノート

user request: added an option to change default TAB/SPACE replacement behavior in CELLs; version tag 11-Jun-2009 08:58:55

options now may be read from/saved to files and entered by option structures; more help on macros; version tag 01-Jun-2009 20:57:29

the other object conversion now uses a more versatile built-in engine; version tag 22-May-2009 12:27:24

added options to create/append results to ASCII files including use of template files; version tag 21-May-2009 21:58:49

improved handling of ND arrays and ND cell arrays of other objects; version tag 21-May-2009 15:20:31

speedup for ND logical arrays; version tag 18-May-2009 14:35:01

full support for ND structures; small change in page indexing engine; version tag 16-May-2009 02:57:29

extensive changes in handling of ND arrays and ND cell arrays of mixed content including optional page index display; version tag 13-May-2009 12:40:03

formatting changes in the HTML
more help in the processing section of the HTML
the [-db] output now contains more information
change in the conversion engine for speed-up if an array only contains numeric data
version tag 22-Apr-2009 18:18:43

added more explanatory text in the published M-file and corrected some annoying typos; no change in functionality; version tag: 21-Apr-2009 20:51:35