Stewart Platform Mechanical System

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Model and simulate the physical components and synthesize controllers of the Stewart Platform.
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SimMechanics™ in conjunction with Simulink® and MATLAB® allows engineers to create complicated mechanical models, analyze the models, and develop controllers for the mechanical system. In this technical example, we examine how to use SimMechanics, MATLAB and Simulink to model physical components, synthesize controllers, and simulate the closed loop system of the Stewart Platform. The Stewart Platform is a six-degree of freedom positioning platform.
For more information, see this MATLAB Digest article:

The models provided here originated from the Stewart Platform demo models provided with SimMechanics.


Klein Bottle (2024). Stewart Platform Mechanical System (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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Updated license

Updated notes section.

Added note about the origin of the models.

Fixed bug in StewartMVController.m.