GNU Emacs Color matrix

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Two MATLAB .mat files include GNU Emacs Color name and their RGB (256) array.
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Two MATLAB .mat files includ GNU Emacs Color name and their RGB (256) array.
EmacsColor is a structure size with 548, each field corresponds color name and contains 1x3 array such as

EmacsColor =
snow: [1 0.980392156862745 0.980392156862745]
ghostwhite: [0.972549019607843 0.972549019607843 1]
whitesmoke: [0.960784313725490 0.960784313725490 0.960784313725490]
gainsboro: [0.862745098039216 0.862745098039216 0.862745098039216]
floralwhite: [1 0.980392156862745 0.941176470588235]
oldlace: [0.992156862745098 0.960784313725490 0.901960784313726]
linen: [0.980392156862745 0.941176470588235 0.901960784313726]

EmacsColorMat is a 548x3 array with Emacs Color code.

You may use EmacsColor and/or EmacsColorMat

load EmacsColor;
x = [1:10];
y = x.^2 ;

load EmacsColorMat;
plot(x,y,'Color',EmacsColorMat(321,:) );

You can see Emacs Color name at


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