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Single Channel Virtual Oscilloscope

バージョン (74.2 KB) 作成者: Yawar Rehman
Well, this software is basically an addon to the hardware known as GDS-820c.

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更新 2009/1/18


"Single Channel Virtual Oscilloscope" is able to be interfaced with
the peripheral device for data and waveform acquisition.The serial interface provided in this program is based on RS232c standards. There is another interface provided known as "Audio
Interface". Through this interface the sound card of the pc is directly interacted with this software, by the help of which acoustic signals can be transferred into this software for
further analysis. It is a user friendly software. The user only have to know the use of a mouse. Commands will execute only on a click of a mouse. This virtual oscilloscope also contains the
storage option. With the help of it you can store waveforms and also reload it for future use. In short, Single Channel Virtual Oscilloscope is an addon to a device known as GDS-820c, which
can be serially interfaced with this software and with the help of sound card interface acoustic signals can also be transferred into it.


Yawar Rehman (2022). Single Channel Virtual Oscilloscope (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2006b
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