True Random Integer Generator

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The function TRUERAND returns truly random integers using's Random Integer Generator. According to, the numbers are generated based on atmospheric noise and skew-corrected to generate uniform numbers. The generated numbers have been shown to pass the NIST tests for RNGs.
The range of numbers is -1e9 to 1e9 and the maximum number of values that can be generated is 10,000

truerand(rows,cols,min,max) returns a matrix of size rows-by-cols with random integers between min and max.

truerand(n,min,max) returns an n by 1 vector

truerand(n, m), truerand(n) and truerand use the default values min = 1, max = 100

y = truerand
y = truerand(9)
y = truerand(6,6)
y = truerand(5,1,20)
y = truerand(3, 4, 15, 30)

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