ginput2.m v3.1 (Nov 2009)

バージョン (7.49 KB) 作成者: Carlos Adrian Vargas Aguilera
Same as GINPUT but with ZOOM, PAN and (optionally) PLOT and image SCALE/GEOREFERENCE!

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更新 2009/11/12


Do you still use GINPUT to graphically select points on current axes with the mouse? Try this one!

With GINPUT2 you can also:
1. ZOOM: in, out (double-click)!
2. PAN: when dragging!
3. DELETE: last selected point!
4. PLOT: while selecting! (optional, just input the line style!)
5. SCALE or GEOREFERENCE images! (optional, just input: true)

So, besides of selecting points in a more precise way (zooming) you can DIGITIZE(!!!) lines with the last two options, by simply using:
>> ginput2(true,'.k')

Enjoy it!
Bug reports and comments will be very appreciated!


Carlos Adrian Vargas Aguilera (2022). ginput2.m v3.1 (Nov 2009) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2008b
Windows macOS Linux

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