whoami: a pedestrian user id retriever

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whoami displays a full user id and retrieves system properties
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WHOAMI displays a long user id (LID) in the form

WHOAMI optionally returns various system properties including a short user id (SID), which only contains static information about the current system
programmers can easily create their own IDs or change the built-in formats, which may be a useful tag in source control

example of the short output (note: formatting will most likely be bad)

>> w=whoami;
>> w
magic: 'WHOAMI'
WHOAMIver: '18-Jun-2008 13:47:52'
MLver: ''
runtime: '18-Jun-2008 14:02:09'
sid: '%us|USZ|ws-nos-36362|x86|Windows XP|'
lid: [1x77 char]
name: 'us'
domain: 'USZ'
host: 'ws-nos-36362'
ip: 'xxx.yyy.141.135'
osarch: 'x86'
osname: 'Windows XP'
osver: '5.1'


>> help whoami

for further explanations of the self-explanatory snippet


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added more information in the help section and the screen shot, which got lost the first time; version tag 18-Jun-2008 13:47:52