sortlind(A, varargin)

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sorts input and returns linear indices for parallel sorting

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sortlind - Sort, returning a linear sort index

B = sortlind(A, ...) equals SORT (A, ...). See the documentation of
sort for details.

[B, I] = sortlind(A, ...) returns a sort index I specifying how
the elements of A were arranged to obtain B. However, in contrast to
sort, these indices are *linear* indices, so that B equals A(I), for
any dimensions and sizes of A. This output can be used to sort
another matrix accordingly.

A = [3 4 ; 7 0 ; 5 2]
A2 = 10 * A
[B, I] = sortlind(A) % sort A (along rows)
B2 = A2(I) % parallel sort A2

AA = randi(10,[3 5 2]) % a 3D matrix
[BB, II] = sortlind(AA, 2, 'descend')
isequal(BB,AA(II)) % true!


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