fill2c: a pedestrian area filler

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fill2c paints areas below/above a threshold with different colors

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更新 2008/4/4


FILL2C fills the areas defined by a 2D data sequence X/Y and an optional threshold value with two user definable sets of colors
set 1 for Y <= TH (NEG)
set 2 for Y >= TH (POS)

X/Y NaNs/Infs (NI) are removed in accordance with PLOT.
a sequence of data that contains NIs is split into blocks of NEG/POS areas, which my be colored individually depending on the size of the color set(s).

> help fill2c
and the accompanying published M-file for help and a few examples for this self-explanatory snippet.


us (2023). fill2c: a pedestrian area filler (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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