Embedded Coder Support Package for Infineon AURIX TC3x Microcontrollers

Generate code optimized for Infineon AURIX TC3x Microcontrollers
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更新 2024/3/20
Embedded Coder Support Package for Infineon AURIX TC3xx microcontrollers enables you to design real-time application for Infineon 32-bit TriCore AURIX TC3x family of microcontrollers using Simulink. MATLAB Coder™, Simulink Coder™, and Embedded Coder® generates ANSI/ISO C/C++ code that can be compiled and executed on Infineon AURIX TC3xx family of microcontrollers.
Capabilities and Features
  • Automated build and execution
  • Block libraries for on-chip peripherals such as digital I/O, Encoder, EVadc, PWM, QSPI and Hardware interrupts
  • Optimized target specific code generation for TriCore system
  • Testing using processor-in-the-loop (PIL)
  • Supports Tasking SmartCode and HighTec Compilers
Supported Hardware:
  • Infineon Aurix TC37x MCUs
  • Infineon Aurix TC38x MCUs
  • Infineon Aurix TC39x MCUs
  • Infineon Aurix TC375 Lite Kit
  • Infineon Aurix TC387 Motor Control Kit
  • Infineon Aurix TC397 Triboard
If you have download or installation issues, please contact Technical Support: www.mathworks.com/contact_us
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作成: R2024a
R2024a と互換性あり
Windows macOS (Apple シリコン) macOS (Intel) Linux

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