GUI for Chaotic Image Encryption

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This Graphical User Interface implements a chaos based encryption algorithm for image encryption
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This GUI implements a chaos based image encryption algorithm. If you use this code, please cite the following work:
Moysis, L., Kafetzis, I., Tutueva, A., Butusov, D., & Volos, C. (2022). Chaos-Based Image Encryption Based on Bit Level Cubic Shuffling. In Cybersecurity: A New Approach Using Chaotic Systems (pp. 157-191). Cham: Springer International Publishing.
The GUI works as this:
- Load the image you want to encrypt
- Press Encrypt and Save key
- The image in encrypted, and you get automatically prompted to save the encryption key in a .txt file
- You can then save your encrypted image
- Load the image you want to decrypt
- Load the decryption key
- Choose the Decryption option
- You can now save your decrypted image.
The encryption method is implemented from the paper above.
Remember, save the images in png format.
Video explaining the GUI is available here:
Lazaros Moysis
Youtube channel
The GUI was developed by Ioannis Kafetzis.
X: @IoKaf


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