Agilent MXA/EXA and PSA MDD Driver

PSA and MXA, EXA driver. It contains trace acquisition and IQ (w/ deep capture - PSA) functionality.
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更新 2008/2/11


The MXA and PSA Series Signal Analyzers can be controlled remotely using MATLAB by utilizing the MATLAB's Instrument Control Toolbox. In addition, the MXA Signal Analyzer can be controlled by MATLAB installed in the instrument.

You can use this driver for getting trace and IQ data out of the instrument. Please be aware that not all functions will work with all instruments. You can view the few incompatibilities in the help text (in the driver). Examples include the deep capture function for the PSA (MXA doesn't offer that capability).

This driver is not all encompassing. These should however allow for a quick start in the process of developing your own application and may meet your application needs.

On the Agilent website there is a white paper on creating MATLAB Scripts and Drivers , 11 Example Scripts for MXA, and PSA Matlab Driver Example.

The website is the following:

then click on the MATLAB example on the MXA or PSA section.

Please feel free to contact Agilent with any questions.


Richard Overdorf (2024). Agilent MXA/EXA and PSA MDD Driver (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2007b
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Agilent Driver examples/

バージョン 公開済み リリース ノート

File has been updated with examples and corrections & functionality has been added to the driver. This driver is a combination of the old MXA/PSA driver and the PSA deep capture driver (IQ driver).