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Toolbox for angle, coordinate and date conversions and transformations. Version 2.99.

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A collection of geodetic functions that solve a variety of problems in geodesy. Supports a wide range of common and user-defined reference ellipsoids. Most functions are vectorized. Most recent version can be found at <>. Functions include:
Angle Conversions
deg2rad - Degrees to radians
dms2deg - Degrees,minutes,seconds to degrees
dms2rad - Degrees,minutes,seconds to radians
rad2deg - Radians to degrees
rad2dms - Radians to degrees,minutes,seconds
rad2sec - Radians to seconds
sec2rad - Seconds to radians
Coordinate Conversions
ell2utm - Ellipsoidal (lat,long) to UTM (N,E) coordinates
ell2xyz - Ellipsoidal (lat,long) to Cartesian (x,y,z) coodinates
sph2xyz - Shperical (az,va,dist) to Cartesian (x,y,z) coordinates
xyz2sph - Cartesian (x,y,z) to spherical (az,va,dist) coordinates
xyz2ell - Cartesian (x,y,z) to ellipsoidal (lat,long,ht) coordinates
xyz2ell2 - xyz2ell with Bowring height formula
xyz2ell3 - xyz2ell using complete Bowring version
utm2ell - UTM (N,E) to ellipsoidal (lat,long) coordinates
Coordinate Transformations
refell - Reference ellipsoid definition
ellradii - Various radii of curvature
ct2lg - Conventional terrestrial (ECEF) to local geodetic (NEU)
dg2lg - Differences in Geodetic (lat,lon) to local geodetic (NEU)
cct2clg - Conventional terrestrial to local geodetic cov. matrix
clg2cct - Local geodetic to conventional terrestrial cov. matrix
rotct2lg - Rotation matrix for conventional terrestrial to local geod.
rotlg2ct - Rotation matrix for local geod. to conventional terrestrial
lg2ct - Local geodetic (NEU) to conventional terrestrial (ECEF)
lg2dg - Local geodetic (NEU) to differences in geodetic (lat,lon)
direct - Direct geodetic problem (X1,Y1,Z1 + Az,VA,Dist to X2,Y2,Z2)
inverse - Inverse geodetic problem (X1,Y1,Z1 + X2,Y2,Z2 to Az,VA,Dist)
simil - Similarity transformation (translation,rotation,scale change)
Date Conversions
cal2jd - Calendar date to Julian date
dates - Converts between different date formats
doy2jd - Year and day of year to Julian date
gps2jd - GPS week & seconds of week to Julian date
jd2cal - Julian date to calenar date
jd2dow - Julian date to day of week
jd2doy - Julian date to year & day of year
jd2gps - Julian date to GPS week & seconds of week
jd2mjd - Julian date to Modified Julian date
jd2yr - Julian date to year & decimal year
mjd2jd - Modified Julian date to Julian date
yr2jd - Year & decimal year to Julian date

Error Ellipses
errell2 - Computes error ellipse semi-axes and azimuth
errell3 - Computes error ellipsoid semi-axes, azimuths, inclinations
plterrel - Plots error ellipse for covariance matrix

cart2euler- Converts Cartesian coordinate rotations to Euler pole rotation
euler2cart- Converts Euler pole rotation to Cartesian coordinate rotations
findfixed - Finds fixed station based on 3D covariance matrix
pltnet - Plots network of points with labels

Example Scripts

DirInv - Simple partial GUI script for direct and inverse problems
DirProb - Example of direct problem
Dist3D - Example to compute incremental 3D distances between points.
InvProb - Example of inverse problem
PltNetEl - Example plot of network error ellipses
ToUTM - Example of conversion from latitude,longitude to UTM


Mike Craymer (2022). Geodetic Toolbox (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2013a
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