ObjDiff - Generic object comparator

バージョン (3.34 KB) 作成者: Yair Altman
Compares objects of any type inc. Java, Matlab, HG handles, structs, cells & arrays
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更新 2022/9/7


OBJDIFF compares two objects & returns an object of the same type with just the different fields/values. Unlike Matlab's SETDIFF or SETXOR, this OBJDIFF utility also compares structs, GUI handles, ActiveX, Matlab & Java objects, in addition to arrays & cells. OBJDIFF also allows comparison of numeric cell arrays, unlike SETDIFF/SETXOR. It also accepts anything that SETDIFF/SETXOR accept.
Syntax: [objectC,IA,IB] = objdiff(objectA, objectB, options, ...)
- objectA - first object to compare
- objectB - second object to compare. Field order in opaque objects does not matter.
Note: If objectB is not supplied, then objectA(1) is compared to objectA(2)
- options - optional flags as follows:
'rows' - see documentation for SETXOR
'dontIgnoreJava' - show different instances of the same java class (default=ignore them)
- objectC - object containing only the different (or new) fields, in a {old, new} pattern
- IA,IB - index vector into objectA,objectB such that objectC = [objectA(IA),objectB(IB)] (see SETXOR)
>> objectA = struct('a',3, 'b',5, 'd',9);
>> objectB = struct('a','ert', 'c',struct('t',pi), 'd',9);
>> objectC = objdiff(objectA, objectB) % a=different, b=new in objectA, c=new in objectB, d=same
objectC =
a: {[3] 'ert'}
b: {[5] {}}
c: {{} [1x1 struct]}
>> objectC = objdiff(java.awt.Color.red, java.awt.Color.blue)
objectC =
Blue: {[0] [255]}
RGB: {[-65536] [-16776961]}
Red: {[255] [0]}
>> objectC = objdiff(0,gcf) % 0 is the root handle
objectC =
children: {[2x1 struct] []}
handle: {[0] [1]}
properties: {[1x1 struct] [1x1 struct]}
type: {'root' 'figure'}
>> [objectC,IA,IB] = objdiff({2,3,4,7}, {2,4,5})
objectC =
3 5 7
IA =
IB =
See also:
setdiff, setxor, isstruct, isjava, ishghandle, isobject, iscell, http://UndocumentedMatlab.com


Yair Altman (2024). ObjDiff - Generic object comparator (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/14395-objdiff-generic-object-comparator), MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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Various code fixes

Fixed: identical function handles should be treated as being equal

Fixed handling of identical objects per D. Gamble