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Converts real numbers to plain english
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NUM2ENGLISH Convert numbers to plain english.
T = num2english(X) returns the plain english representation of the
number X. If X is a vector, it returns a character array with each
number in a different row.

T = num2english(X,'year') returns a string sounding more like a year,
for instance num2english(1984,'year') will return 'nineteen
eighty-four'. If the third digit is a zero it will return 'oh', so
num2english(1706,'year') returns 'seventeen oh-six'.

T = num2english(X,'th') returns first, second, third etc. instead of
one two three.

T = num2english(X,'example') returns a display of the various aspects
of the function.


Dave Kellow (2024). num2english (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2006a
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