Students Result Analysis Code

Student Result Analysis can be done by MATLAB Code Upload Excel file with reg no, name, subject grade,CGPA, SGPA ,section and with sub code
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更新 2023/8/5


Upload 2 excel file .
  1. Excel file with Reg no, Name, Subject grade, CGPA, SGPA, Section shown below
2. Excel file with subject code
3. line no 2, 11 change the path of the excel file 1 and 2
4. line no 21, change the result analysis file name
5. In result analysis excel file, sheet 1 "A" section, Sheet 2 "B" section and Sheet 3 "C" section


R SRIRANJANI RAMAKRISHNAN (2024). Students Result Analysis Code (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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